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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Mar 7, 2020

Episode 014 "Check it on the Chain" from Fintech to Healthtech, and Identity control on the Chain.  Mike d. Kail @mdkail, CTO of Everlastdotorg, and I chat about Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Fintech, Healthtech,  Ethereum, Smart Contracts , Digital Identity Management, Cybersecurity, and disruption in Banking industry.  Mike is doing some interesting work in the Fintech space.  Mike really knows the Cloud & Chain space and he gets the Chain!  A must listen to episode giving better insight in Blockchain and how it's not a panacea as Mike puts it!  Mike demystifies "The Chain"  and showcases how micro processes applications can be built that access Blockchain for validation, and biometric authorization.  Mike makes a good case for how Blockchain could be used to drastically improve global communication and knowledge to track, isolate, contain, and help to control viruses like the COVID-19.  Last but certainly not least, Mike and I talk about the importance of Cybersecurity with rolling out Emerging Tech like Blockchain Apps and the importance of making it part of your design process.