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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Apr 3, 2020

Episode 017 "Are You Quitting? Are You Adapting, Or Are You Becoming The Leader of Tomorrow"  For this podcast, T-Man has Matt Kurleto, Founder of Neoteric as a guest and they get into this historic point in life we are all experiencing, COVID-19 and the impacts to business now and going forward.  Matt works in the Startup space in Poland and abroad.  He shares some great ideas for organizations to move more online today to help manage employees working from home, and shares some ideas to keep teams connected remotely.  Matt also showcases how some organizations are moving with this change further digitalizing value to customer online experiences, as well as how great times of uncertainly and change can be the impedes to bring about the leaders of tomorrow.  T-Man and Matt get into how now to do business development with no trade-shows and how more and more webinar or online trade-shows are starting  to happen.  As well, going forward, the notion of dealing with someone across the street will no longer be the case and how you digitally interact as a business will matter more than ever.  Another must listen to Episode!