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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

May 23, 2020

Episode 021 "Take it to the Edge" Great chat with Data Science & IoT legend Dan Yarmoluk @YarmolukDan 2 Canadians catch up! Dan is a dual citizen so even though he lives and works in the US he is also Canadian .  Dan and TMan cover a lot of ground!  We chat about IoT, AI, Cloud, Edge Processing.  We talk about machines on a production floor and predictive maintenance by tracking high frequency vibration but Dan is going to wait until his startup launch is broadcast to expand on that.  Dan talks about Digital Transformation and the importance to focus on the machines and not the platform.  We talk about Emerging Tech prior to Covid-19 and post Covid-19.   We talk about learning available to get up to speed on emerging technologies and how the technology community embraces newcomers.  A great podcast that will require a followup podcast on the startup that Dan is pretty tight lipped about!