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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Oct 24, 2020

"The Wave of Change" Episode 026 - "Storyboard Yourself into the Picture"  25 episodes came and went!  In this episode T-Man gives an update on all things emerging tech and what is on the go!  This episodes further looks at Digital Transformation, Big Data, and AI.  This podcast talks about a recent blog posted on T-Man's website - and how it relates to storytelling and storyboarding and how this can be used for your own personal goals.  Shameless plug, check out the block, just go to the main page, scroll down and click when you see it, thank you.  T-Man talks about how Miguel Machado and the team at the Keenfolks encouraged the blog and helped with the slick graphics! Also covered off is the recent completion of an AI Certificate from MIT sharpening up T-Man's skills.  T-Man talks about AI and how "Humans" should not fear "AI"  and T-Man's commitment to telling the world the good about AI and how "Humans" + "AI" = "Thunderstruck", a better world for all.