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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Jun 30, 2021

"The Wave of Change" Episode 032" Selling in a Virtual World - After a bit of a break @TmanSpeaks is back with an all new episode with return guest, Ian Moyse @imoyse.  Ian is now the Chief Revenue Officer of OneUp Sales.  Ian covers off in this episode what a year of change is has been selling through a pandemic.  As a result of Covid19 we've all been working and selling from home, from a virtual office.  Both Tman and Ian have worked from a virtual office for years utilizing WebEx and Skype for some meetings, some being the keyword.  Through the pandemic sales has had to sell 100% from a virtual presence.  Ian talks about how he and his team have succeeded and what it takes.  Ian talks about the need for sales people to pick up the phone and call, dialing for dollars!  Another great episode!  Stay tuned in for new episodes.