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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Mar 1, 2020

Episode 013 "Start with the Human Not the Machine" with Dr. Sally Eaves, a global voice in technology.  Make sure to listen to the entire episode, Sally drops BIG global news on an exciting initiative!  This is an episode that you are going to want a pen and paper.  Get ready to embrace emerging "Technology for Good"!  Sally has a passion for enabling technology in the 3rd world helping people realize a digital identity for the first time.  If you really want to get Sally going, just talk about learning and emerging technologies and we did!  Holistic Learning, make sure you put the "People First" when building out new technologies.  Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias are the tenants to ensuring AI and Emerging Tech are for all.   Sally is a true force in Emerging Technology, if you want to do it right, look at what Sally is doing.