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@TmanSpeaks - The Wave of Change

Dec 8, 2020

"The Wave of Change" Episode 027 "Prelude to the Digital Era, the Next Evolution of Cloud" In the episode T-Man chats with a true cloud computing pioneer, Nick Lippis @NickLippis, Co-Founder of ONUG @ONUG_.  We discuss the influence of shared experiences between organizations and how things like public cloud are consumed and why is there SD-WAN, Hybrid-cloud, and Multicloud.  We chat about the evolution of cloud and in order for Digital to emerge there is a need for public cloud providers to become more enterprise focused with a shared automated governance.  Current stats are about 10% of enterprise company apps are in the cloud, CIOs would like that to move to 30 to 40% in the next few years, enterprises need both the convenience and control of public cloud to further enable this adoption, we are starting to see this in how cloud providers are starting to work together to better meet customer needs.  We further get into current constraints and changes that are occurring to further enable the next evolution of cloud.  We also touch on how Artificial Intelligence is a target for governance automation but it'll HAVE to be another podcast so more to come!